Bathurst to Caraquet: The Ultimate Acadian Peninsula Road Trip

A trip to this corner of the province is well worth the journey!

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Covered in stunning beaches and charming towns, New Brunswick’s most northeastern region is filled with hidden gems and unforgettable memories. Take a road trip to explore these towns' rich history and culture, surrounded by nature’s beauty. A trip to this corner of the province is well worth the journey.

What Route to Take

You can get to Bathurst from Miramichi by following highway 8 or from Edmundston by taking highway 180.

To get to Caraquet from Bathurst, follow highway 11, taking exits for the destinations you want to stop for.

Where Locals Love to Go


Auberge d’Anjou-Cocooning Cafe

Surprise Surprise! This cafe is actually an inn with a restaurant/cafe on the first floor. From delicious food with their wide variety menu to their pastry chef’s latest savory creations, this is the place to go. Stay for the night, eat at their restaurant, and shop at their boutique filled with local products.

Youghall Beach

The blue water and golden sand will make you think you have gone on a tropical vacation. Wander their boardwalk, play volleyball, go fishing, enjoy the outdoor amphitheater, and get out on the water with their boat launch. For a perfect day at the beach, this is the one to visit.

Branches Pottery

Decorate your home with the beautiful handcrafted products from this boutique. More than just their gorgeous pottery of mugs, bowls, vases, and decorative pieces, they have candles, quilts, wool pillows, baskets, and more! Stop by to explore how you can bring warmth into your home by supporting local businesses.

Cremerie L’igloo

When on a summer roadtrip, what is the #1 thing that you MUST have for a successful trip? ICE CREAM! Whether you are coming from the beach, a hot day in town or just want a tasty treat, stop by this ice cream shoppe to get your fix. Milkshakes, sundaes, gelato, and amazing flavours of ice cream; they all look and taste melt in your mouth good.

Artisans Chai Braie Boutique

A treasure trove of all the local artisans' creations. Come and see what you can find as you explore all the amazing products this boutique has waiting for you. From home and seasonal decor to soaps and jewelry, it will be hard to leave this store empty handed.


Centre Culturel de Caraquet

Where the community comes together, this centre does everything possible to celebrate the arts with the town of Caraquet. They show french movies, host festivals and concerts, put on plays, and even have classes in the arts to educate the next generation of performers. Check out their schedule before visiting Caraquet to see what is in store while you are in town.

Camping Shippagan

Step outside and enjoy the great outdoors by spending a weekend camping in a remote park next to the ocean. This spot brings everything the Acadian Peninsula has to offer and more! Enjoy family fun at the beach or go into town for shopping activities, you will never be disappointed.

Aquarium NB

Meet seals, explore the touch pool, discover the 360* tank, and take advantage of their educational programs to get the full experience of this aquarium. One of the coolest places to learn in New Brunswick and you get to make new animal friends at the same time!

Akro Outfitters

Go on an adventure of a lifetime with Akro on their fishing excursions. With your gear provided for you, you will learn the skills of a true fisherman. This fishing trip will be one to remember as you are taught how to surf fish and catch giant striped bass.


Plage de le Goulet-Parc Acadie-sur-Mer

Take a stroll on their boardwalk on the ocean, embracing all that nature has to offer along the shore. From sandy beaches and shells to birds and fish, there is plenty to see and do at this beach on a hot summer day.

Sentier Rivage

Follow the Acadian Peninsula’s coast with this trail as you hike alongside the water, taking in stunning scenery of the ocean, forest, and cliffs all meeting. This is a 2 km long boardwalk that leads to a lighthouse with views of the bay.

Cactus Cafe

In the heart of its town, this aesthetic cafe offers delicious desserts and treats along with one-of-a-kind caffeinated drinks that you can only find here. From carrot cakes, chocolate brownies and cinnamon buns to tiramisu lattes and dark roasted coffees, this is the cafe to go to if you want to treat yourself.

Cielo - Glamping Maritime

Visit the famous pearl coastal domes that sit right on the water, waiting for your arrival. Other than a breathtaking view of the water, you also get to enjoy their hot tubs, skylights, beach access, and fireplaces. Escape to the countryside where you can unwind and reconnect.