Sugar Shacks and Maple Syrup in New Brunswick

LLooking to get outside with the family and have an educational AND delicious adventure? Here is our guide to everything maple syrup in New Brunswick.

When is Maple Syrup Season?

LTapping season begins when temperatures are below freezing at night and above freezing during the day. Typically, this is from mid-March to mid-April in New Brunswick. Maple syrup camps open their doors to visitors in early Spring.

What’s so Great About Maple Syrup?

LBesides being a natural sweetener with no additives, preservatives, or chemicals, New Brunswick-made maple syrup contains many antioxidants. You can use it for pancakes, waffles, and as a marinade for fish and meat, or add it to your recipes as a sugar alternative to bring a little more Canadian flavour.

Fun Facts about New Brunswick’s Maple Syrup Industry

• 3rd largest maple producer in the world
• Exporting to 35 countries
• 250+ producers, maintaining over 3,500,000 taps
• 2500 jobs
• 3,000,000+ litres of maple syrup each year

For more fun facts about maple syrup, check out the Maple Syrup Association of New Brunswick

Visit a Sugar Shack

kings landing kids eating maple taffy.jpeg__PID:e403f6d3-0de4-4c39-a42a-ccb272f6b22c

Kings Landing - Prince William NB

Where can I find maple sugar camps in New Brunswick? They are scattered throughout the province, with over 90% of maple syrup producers located in the northern part. There is so much to experience when visiting a maple syrup farm, making it the perfect outing for families wanting fresh air and tasty treats.

When you go on a tour of a maple sugary, you will get a firsthand look at the entire process of how maple syrup is made. You will see how the trees are tapped, how they collect the sap, and the methods they use to boil it down to the delicious syrup we all know and love. Some even offer samples or have taffy on snow available!

Most sugar shacks only accept CASH and are only open on WEEKENDS. Check before you go and dress for the weather.

Here are the maple sugaries that accept visitors and what experiences they have to offer.

Fundy Maple
6 Dewey Road, Turtle Creek NB
Tours, maple taffy on snow, and maple products are available for purchase.

Trites Maples
1270 Gorge Road, Moncton NB
Pancake house, all u-can-eat taffy on the snow, tours available, walking trails and maple products for sale on site.

Dumfries Maples
7520 Route 102, Dumfries NB
Taffy on snow, homemade pancake breakfast served in their Cedar Log Cookhouse, walking/snowshoe trails, tours, and a spectacular view of the Saint John River Valley

renton brothers family sugarbush lodge.jpeg__PID:bd395ffa-0b13-4c70-af9a-734d59f80e36

Renton Brothers Family Sugarbush Lodge - Moncton NB

Renton Brothers Family Sugarbush
1270 Gorge Road, Moncton NB
5th generation family sugarbush, open weekends selling maple syrup, taffy, cones and more!

Sucrerie Chiasson
1871, rue Bellechasse, Paquetville NB
Brunches, licherie, maple taffy on ice, event rentals, dinner reservations

“‘Licherie’, or sugar tasting, is a regional tradition which consists of dipping long wooden sticks into boiling maple syrup and then scraping it off with a smaller stick. We then lick the little stick (‘licher’ in French), that’s why it’s called ‘licherie’.” - Sucrerie Chiasson.

Little Mactaquac Maple
61 Scotch Lake Road, Scotch Settlement NB
Products are available for purchase,, and tours are available for special holidays.

Elmhurst Outdoors
65 Ganong Road, Erbs Cove NB
Tours and pancake breakfast

chateau scoudouc lodge.jpeg__PID:c49de403-f6d3-4de4-bc39-a42accb272f6

Château Scoudouc - Scoudouc NB

Château Scoudouc
2858 route 132, Scoudouc NB
Maple taffy on snow nature hikes through their trails, products for purchase on-site, and tours are available.

Voted Favourite Sugar Shack in People’s Choice Awards 2022 & 2023

Sugar Moon Cookhouse
632 Divide Road, Juniper Station NB
Full-service breakfast, taffy on snow, and a gift shop full of their maple products.

Kenneth Maple Farms
71 Kenneth Road, West Glassville NB
All-you-can-eat breakfast and products available to buy on-site

White’s Maple
4044 Route 910, Hillsborough NB
Pancake breakfasts, maple products, and maple shack tours. Check Facebook for availability and pricing.

Sugarbush La Causerie
178 Chem. de la Sucrerie, Paroisse de Saint Mary NB
Full year-round restaurant and maple products for sale.

Shop New Brunswick Maple Syrup Online

Can’t find them at the store? Shop our website to support local businesses and get the purest maple syrup you could hope for.

Shop Maple Product from New Brunswick

New Brunswick Maple Products at the Store

Other New Brunswick maple producers to keep an eye out for at the store. They are available at your local grocery store, boutiques, and even at Sobeys and Superstore!

Festivals and Events

Kings Landing: Maple, the First Taste of Spring
March 16 & 17, 2024
19th century sugaring demonstration, maple taffy on snow, horse and wagon rides, and lovely scenery while visiting historic homes.

Riverview Maple Fest
April 5-7, 2024
From pancake breakfasts to visiting sugar shacks, arts and crafts to community events. Learn all the ways to appreciate maple at this year's festival.

Fundy Albert Maple Madness
April 5-7, 2024
In Hillsborough Parish, enjoy a few days of local businesses and organizations getting together to celebrate everything maple! From pancake breakfasts to markets and charity events, be sure to add this to your calendar.

erabliere la kabane cookies.jpeg__PID:8db86dc0-913e-4313-95c6-863211906ee5

Érablière La Kabane - Grand Falls NB