Lili Tutti-Frutti

Lili Tutti-Frutti

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Bouton D'or Acadie | Moncton, NB

Little Lili loves fruit a lot, a lot, a LOT. That's why we call her: Lili Tutti-Frutti! Morning, noon, and night, she devours them. And at night, she dreams of it. Her favorite snack is always the most colorful. Lili's boyfriends even believe that she will eventually turn into a fruit salad. Has his passion gone too far? When her pretty upturned nose turns into a banana, and her head into a watermelon, Lili Tutti-Frutti wonders what the hell is going on. Maybe she will even have to stay in bed today ... The remedy will be as refreshing, fruity, and delicious as this new album by Édith Bourget with illustrations by Serge V. Richard!

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