Qui est le plus fort ?

Qui est le plus fort ?

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Bouton D'or Acadie | Moncton, NB

Who is the stronger? The ant, the wind, the wall, the tree, or the snow? Or would it be the one who manages to repeat this charming Cajun ritornello? It is not because we are small that we cannot be ... the strongest! This traditional Cajun fable, collected in 1973 by the author, Barry Jean Ancelet, finds here all its original freshness. After the first adaptation in 1999 at Bouton d'or Acadie, illustrator Joël Boudreau returned to his drawing board, with extraordinary results! This album is embellished with a CD, where Barry Jean Ancelet (from Lafayette, LA) recites this turn-tongue ritornello all at once. The multiple percussions of Glen Deveau give life to the various competitors in this showdown. So who is stronger: the author, the musician, or the illustrator? Unless it is you, reader: if you manage to recite by heart "Who is stronger?" »Without bursting into laughter!

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