La patate cadeau

La patate cadeau

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Bouton D'or Acadie | Moncton, NB

Potatoes given as a gift in 1768 could well be the key to a culinary curiosity in contemporary Acadia! Christian Treitz, the youngest child of a German family who immigrated to Monckton Township, discovers that the wounds inflicted by the Deportation are still fresh. Provisions are lacking and the Treitz family suffers cruelly from hunger and cold. Fortunately, Christian will have a meeting that will turn his life and that of his family upside down. Pierre Belliveau, a bon vivant resembling Saint Nicholas, would have many reasons to abandon Moncton's original inhabitants to their fate. But the Acadian carries, in his bag full of potatoes, the germ of a new beginning. Beyond the obstacles, on the banks of the Petitcodiac River, an extraordinary friendship will blossom. Hackmatack Prize Selection 2015-2016.

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