Garden of Words

Garden of Words

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Bouton d'or Acadie | Moncton, NB

On one side of the ocean, Madame Pauline. On the other, a gardener of words. In the middle: books. In the past, Madame Pauline loved to read, and thrust herself into the gardens of words, where she wandered among treasures, goddesses, and dinosaurs. But time goes by and Madame Pauline no longer has the heart to go for a walk on her own. What is the point of picking a flower if there is no one to smell it with? This is without counting the gardener of words and his islands full of knights, chocolate, and pajamas, who will cross the ocean to share his treasures. Will the little seed of hope, shriveled in Madame Pauline's mantle, bloom again when meeting this gardener? A story to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the creation of the association Lire et Faire Lire.

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