Ah ! pour Atlantique

Ah ! pour Atlantique

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Bouton D'or Acadie | Moncton, NB

From the Atlantic to Zéphyr, via Neptune and Ursula, a poetic (and aquatic!) Primer to make your dream ... It is well known, the oceans conceal hidden treasures and dangers ... Sylvain Rivière makes us discover twenty-six! Between the current threat of the green crab and the different aspects of the seafaring trades, between the myths of Ulysses or Neptune and excursions by kayak or on a yacht… Ah! pour Atlantique unfurls its sails: the verses of Rivière resonate like a foghorn and are illustrated thanks to the talent of Réjean Roy. These maritime words form the privileged gateway to French America: majestic landscapes, sources of dreams, adventures, and riches, which have long been rooted in our vocabulary!

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