Just (e) State Mysteries (2 book series)

Just (e) State Mysteries (2 book series)

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J. Ivanel Johnson | New Denmark, NB

J. Ivanel Johnson is the pen name for an author living with (dis)Ability who now resides in the Appalachian range of Northwestern New Brunswick on a small farm overlooking inspirational views of nature. She strives always to include culturally-diverse characters & those from marginalized communities in her works, as she has taught on Indigenous reservations, in inner-cities, & in remote mountain schools.

The JUST (e)STATE mysteries is a series of whodunnit-cozy novels set here in NB (between Woodstock & Nackawic). These award-winning novels have literary clues for the reader to try to solve, and are brought to you by the playwright/author who wrote the musical "Rough Notes" also set partially here.

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