Seller Terms and Conditions

Excellence NB Association Online Store Seller Registration Terms
  1. The business is based in New Brunswick, Canada, with products produced, harvested, or created within the province.
  2. The business currently sells its products online, i.e. they are available for purchase through an online shop, not through direct messaging or emailing required.
  3. The business offers delivery provincially, at a minimum.
  4. The business is dedicated to customer service.
  5. The business can ensure that products are made through ethical practices and align with Excellence NB’s values.
  6. The business is responsible for all elements of fulfilling orders, including but not limited to processing payments.
  7. Excellence NB is not involved with or liable for any part of the transaction between the consumer and the business.
  8. Excellence NB retains the right to choose which products and businesses it displays on its’ online store, website and social media.
  9. Your business must be market-ready with business knowledge and skills to understand market capacity, consumer demand, pricing and certifications needed to operate successfully and legally.
  10. The business agrees to inform Excellence NB of any change to its business, product or service as it relates to this list of criteria that would impact what is being displayed on (examples: product is no longer available, the product is sold out, the business has expanded, price change, the business has closed, etc.)
  11. The business agrees to promote Excellence NB by sharing and promoting their participation in the store on their social media channels. The business is also open to participating in other Excellence NB initiatives.
  12. The business agrees to provide all required information, including product photos, per the specifications below. Excellence NB retains the right to edit information and images for consistency and promotional purposes.
  13. Required product information and photo specification for each product submitted;
        • Product name
        • Brief product description (may include weight, size, ingredients if desired)
        • Web link to the product for sale.
        • One product per photo, no collages. 
        • Maximum 10 products
        • Product photo specifications:
          • Square ratio (1:1 Ratio)
          • Minimum size: 720px X 720px
          • Recommended size: 1080px X 1080px
          • Resolution: 72 dpi (or better, no greater than 150dpi)
          • JPEG file (for better load times)
          • No logo or text included in the image

     Please complete the registration form to join the Excellence NB community.

    *Artwork products that retail for over $500.00 are placed in the Fine Arts category of the store.*