Celebrating 120 Years of Assumption Life: A Legacy of Community Commitment

Since its inception in 1903, Assumption Life has been a cornerstone of the New Brunswick community, embodying the values of corporate responsibility, education, and social investment. As they mark their 120th anniversary, we are thrilled to have them as a sponsor for our Holiday Gift Guide. Their unwavering dedication to their community is evident in their numerous philanthropic endeavours, which range from supporting local businesses to championing education through their foundation.


Assumption Life's commitment to New Brunswick communities is not a recent development. For over a century, they have been investing in various social, educational, and cultural initiatives. This long-standing dedication reflects their belief in the power of corporate responsibility and the transformative value of education. Thomas Raffy, Director of Marketing and Communications at Assumption Life, expresses their pride in supporting the guide, stating:

"Assumption Life is proud to support this beautiful guide that highlights quality products, professional services, and unforgettable experiences made right here in New Brunswick."


Assumption Life's team is dedicated to positively impacting their communities each day. In 2022 alone, they supported over 100 organizations and initiatives, exemplifying their unwavering commitment to health and education. Additionally, their employees generously contributed over 1,200 hours of volunteer work, further underscoring their dedication to community betterment. In addition, The Assumption Life Foundation carries forward the founders' vision of supporting education. Each year, they award at least 13 scholarships, with recipients receiving up to $10,000 in support. This generous act is a testament to their belief in the transformative power of education. The Assumption Life Foundation allocates 1% of the year's profits to educational projects and organizations. Their focus on education, entrepreneurship, and work skills acquisition demonstrates their commitment to fostering growth and development in New Brunswick.

As Assumption Life celebrates its 120th anniversary, we are honoured to have them as a sponsor for our Holiday Gift Guide. Their legacy of community commitment, exemplified through their extensive philanthropic efforts, continues to shape New Brunswick for the better. Join us in supporting a company that makes a difference in the lives of those they serve.

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