Travel to Saint John, New Brunswick 


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From discovering Acadian history to exploring one of the most culturally rich cities in Atlantic Canada, South Eastern New Brunswick always has unique experiences awaiting every visitor. Here are the best places to visit in and around Saint John this winter.

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La Belle Cabane | Kingston


Spend a weekend at a fantastic cabin with a spa, boutique and regular events to keep things interesting. This 100% indigenous-owned business was built to help others with healing experiences, like their slogan, find freedom in the forest. This prime location has many amazing experiences nearby, like cideries, hiking trails, markets and even indigenous experiences like storytelling and smudging ceremonies.

Rockwood Park | Saint John


Skate on Lily Lake and enjoy a nice winter day outside with friends and family. Nothing beats playing hockey on a frozen lake except doing it with friends. This park always has something going on, from sleigh rides to hockey tournaments. If you want to spend time outside with your family, this is the place to be.

Italian by Night | Saint John

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It is one of the highest-ranked restaurants in the Saint John area. From a romantic night out with your significant other, a night out with your friends, or even a dinner with your coworkers, Italian by Night has a mature atmosphere that will ensure a good time no matter who is dining. Using old-world techniques in a modern kitchen, every effort is made to make this an authentic Italian dining experience. From pizza to pasta, this restaurant never disappoints.

First Nations Storytellers | Saint John

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Head out on a guided snowshoe tour through the Blueberry Hill Nature Preserve in western Saint John or Dutch Point Park in Hampton. Learn about indigenous culture and traditional lifestyle while gaining a new perspective of the forest. Converse with the storyteller, who has over 20 years of experience about the environment, their culture, and any questions about the area on your walk through the woods.

Midland Ice Caves Trail | Springfield Parish


Wander through the snowy forest through trails, taking turns, and following signs until you start to descend towards the caves, when you see the small valley that has the Midland ice caves hidden away. Use the ropes to climb into the valley and peer up at the wall of ice. This spectacular frozen waterfall is always a staple to visit in winter to admire its beauty. Most years, there is a hole in the end of the ice, allowing you to climb up and into behind the ice wall. Take a new perspective on winter and explore this amazing tundra.

Station 33 Cafe & Yoga | Hampton

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Nestled in the heart of Hampton, this culinary gem is the brainchild of two yoga teachers with a shared passion for healthy living. Their menu strikes a perfect balance with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. Everything is made in-house using whole ingredients and healthier alternatives. Station 33 also has a yoga studio, with classes with various instructors with different specialties. From locally roasted coffee, homemade baked goodies and yoga classes, they offer an environment where you can rejuvenate through self-care practices.

Kings County Museum & Gaol | Hampton


Looking for a learning experience with the family? Stop by the Kings County Museum to learn about local history and even find out about your family heritage! They have countless documents and researchers that track family history as far back as possible. With a new special exhibit each year and the classic exhibits about local history, this place never gets dull. Take a tour of the Jail and learn all the stories in those halls and the many artifacts they hold from the 19th century.

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