Navigate NB™

The places locals love.

These hidden gems may be lesser-known but they are near and dear to many New Brunswickers. Navigate NB™ with our unique list of things to taste, see, and experience. From culture to nature to shopping and dining, see for yourself what this beautiful province has to offer, region by region.

North West North East South West South East Central

These rising and falling shorelines have more to offer than just fantastic views. Find out what treasures await your discovery from the port city to island hopping and more in the South West.


Looking for culture and adventure? South Eastern New Brunswick is packed full of great food and unique experiences that can only be found here. Photo Credit: Rustic River retreat Richibucto


From a bustling historic Capital city to charming small towns, Central NB will never cease to amaze you with its endless hidden wonders.


The gateway to Atlantic Canada is a blend of natural beauty and small-town charm that forms an experience that is distinctly North West NB. Photo Credit: James Donald


Where the powerful sea meets the serene forest in the North East is a series of quaint towns and rich Acadian culture waiting for you to explore. Photo Credit: