Founded in 1903, Assumption Life has always invested in New Brunswick communities through various social, educational and cultural initiatives, believing in corporate responsibility and the value of education.

“Assumption Life is proud to support this beautiful guide that highlights quality products, professional services and unforgettable experiences made right here in New Brunswick. This guide demonstrates our business people’s ingenuity. We invite you to look through the guide and, especially, to support our business community. It’s together that we will make a difference”.

Thomas Raffy Director Marketing and Communications


Assumption Life’s support for this project is one of the many ways the organization connects with its communities. Their team makes a difference every day and their philanthropic efforts are achieved through various projects with a particular emphasis on health and education. More than 90 organizations and initiatives benefited from their support in 2021, while their employees generously gave more than 800 hours of volunteer work. Be a part of their community on Facebook and Instagram: @AssomptionVie

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