Jacoby déménage

Jacoby déménage

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Bouton D'or Acadie | Moncton, NB

Jacoby, the admirable therapy dog, has to leave his school. He is experiencing this move with stress and his body is taking a hit. But little by little, he will learn to adapt. It is well known that moving is one of the most important anxiety-inducing agents in everyday life. In Four Legs, Jacoby loved going to school to help children with reading, but he has to part ways with his young friends. A new city, a new life, and moments of loneliness cause her obvious stress. Result: he licks his paw a little too nervously ... His mistress, Madame Eve, attentive to distress signals, will provide him with visualization tools to help him adapt to his new environment. A tit, a new friend, and a public library will do the rest!

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