Ziggy Hat

Ziggy Hat

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Trish Raine Felting | Douglas, NB

This hat has two personalities. It is a functional, utilitarian hat whose unique sculptural features draw attention yet will not crush hair. It is a feminine print, with large blushing roses, framed with deep chocolate brown hues, embellished with a light pink embroidery floss. It is for the woman who is practical yet stylish. Tough, yet soft-hearted. Realistic, but passionate.

This hat is handmade felt. The silk fabric is fused raw merino wool in a process of wet felting called nuno felting. Once the fabric/felt hood is created, it is blocked over a vintage heated block and shaped by hand. Several folds are reinforced with embroidery floss.

This hat fits a large head, 23.0-24.0″ in circumference.

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